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    Lister Cars

    1954 Brian Lister of Lister Ltd.,engineering firm for ornamental ironwork, inspired by cooper, used a tubular chassis,a tuned MG engine and gearbox, to built his first sportscar. Driven by Archie Scott Brown it made its debut at the british empire Trophy at Oulton Park. Later he used successfully a 2 litre Bristol engine. 1957 he designed a new car around a D-Type jaguar 6 cylinder engine. Archie Scott Brown and Masten Gregory drove those cars, beating Aston Martin and Ferrari. It all came to an end, in 1958 when Scott Brown fatally crashed at Spa. In the USA Jim Hall and Caroll Shelby installed Chevy V8 engines in Listers cars. The company returned in 1986 as Lister Cars Ltd. in Leatherhead, Surrey with engineer Laurence Pearce in association with Brian Lister, building tuned Jaguar XJS's.Finally in 1993 the road going racecar Lister Storm.

Lister Storm Lister Lemans Lister Lemans 7 litre Lister Lemans Supercharged Lister Lemans Convertible Lister Lemans 1989 Lister Lemans interior Lister Lemans enginebay Lister Lemans cabrioet Lister Lemans Supercar Lister Lemans XJS Lister Lemans Dashboard Lister Lemans open Lister Lemans collage Lister Lemans front Lister 1958 Lister Costin Lister racecars Lister Storm racecar Lister Knobbly