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    Shelby Mustang

    Carroll Hall Shelby, born jan.11 1923 in Leesburg,TX.American racing and automotive designer and race car driver. After serving in WWII as a flight instructor and testpilot, he became a chicken farmer until a friend invited him to amateur racing. He later drove successfully for Allard,Aston Martin, Maserati. He won the 24 hrs of LeMans 1959 for Aston Martin.He also competed in F1 1958,59. For health reasons he retired in oct.59 and opened a high performance driving scholl and the Shelby-American company. There he designed and built the Cobra cars, helped building the Ford GT40, Mustang Shelby 350GT,500GT and the 427 Cobra. He did several projects with Ford, Dodge,Oldsmobile. (Dodge Viper) In 2003 Ford and Carroll Shelby teamed up again and Shelby formed his new company, C.Shelby International Inc.,Nevada

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